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The word Reiki, translated from Japanese, is defined as "Universal Life Force Energy". As a Reiki Master, I channel Reiki to deliver healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the body. Reiki serves as a complimentary healing method for illness and dis-ease. It is beneficial towards relieving accumulated stress, anxiety, depression and is essential to keeping your energy systems balanced for optimal health.   

As your practitioner, I offer a safe and peaceful space for you to discover healing on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the body. A Reiki session begins with a short discussion about the current state of your health and how Reiki can help.  You will then be invited to relax on a treatment table to begin treatment. Next, the energetic alignment of your energy field and chakras are gently scanned. Thereafter, Reiki is performed on the front and back of the body, whilst energy balancing corrections are made throughout the treatment. Finally, once the treatment is complete, I will discuss any beneficial homework practices pertinent to keeping your energy in balance thereafter.

Sessions are 1 hour in duration, with approximately 15 minutes of pre-session discussion and 45 minutes of Reiki treatment. Please understand that Reiki is not meant to diagnose illness, and is not a replacement for traditional medicine but serves to a compliment other modalities.  If you have any serious illness, seek appropriate treatment from a licensed medical professional.

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