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Do you feel spiritually called to get unstuck with your creativity, want to create harmony and flow in your life, or are you seeking that divine inner,"YES" that will guide you to make clear, empowered decisions? Offering both in-person and virtual readings, my clients come to me to help craft their expanded visions and desires by safely exploring the inner depth it takes to transform their careers, relationships, life satisfaction, and more with self-compassion.

My Tarot Reading Style

  • Reiki empowered

  • Crystal vibes galore

  • Holistic assessment

  • Retrospective reflection

  • Spiritually reconnecting

  • Sage storytelling

  • Optimistic inspiration

  • Cultivated wisdom

  • Conversational coaching

  • Guided visualizations

  • Meditative stress relief

  • Raven blessings


Benefits of a reading with me:

  • Spiritual soul-care and self-development

  • Enhanced intuition through self-reflection

  • Get grounded exploring your awareness

  • Develop insightful problem solving skills

  • Engage in mindful decision making

  • Inspiration and creativity flow

  • Emotional support and validation

  • Be seen and feel heard

  • Resiliency building

  • Develop self-trust


What a reading with me entails:

  • You will begin by intuitively choosing between three decks, each with it's own crystal and crystal message

  • Then, a brief meditation to calm your nervous system which acts as a catalyst to open your conscious mind to the wealth of answers that lie in your subconscious

  • Next, Reiki is introduced to energetically connect you with the Tarot deck while we briefly discuss the question you seek to gain clarity on so you can refine your reality

  • After that, three cards will be drawn, from which we will intuitively study the synchronistic symbolism, potency, and lessons the cards reveal

  • Also, extra cards may be pulled for further clarification or extra questions if time allows

  • Lastly, every session is closed with a meditation to amplify the mindset, strategy, and energetics you need to reclaim your radiant self-worth, magnetism, and purposeful drive to achieve the abundance you deserve and crave

To Book your session, please fill out the form below

Thanks for your interest! I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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