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Private Tarot Parties

Guests love to be entertained! Surprise and delight your attendees with a memorable tarot party that will have them talking about their experience. As a Professional and Licensed Tarot Reader, I have done thousands of readings. Whether at my private office, for groups as small as 8, and large Corporate Events, or hosting Tarot Tuesdays at restaurants in the Boston area, Tarot parties are a popular way to charm and captivate your friends, family, and teammembers.

Your guests will be welcomed into a mini sanctuary where they will gain insight on their deepest questions, and how they can progress forward in their next steps with clarity, validation, and self-empowerment in a safe and welcoming space. Combining the symbolism of Tarot and the calming energy of Reiki, your guests will experience the transformative, coaching nature of my intuitive reading style in a condensed version.

Time allotment: Most readings run 10-15 minutes based on a 10 -15 guest participation.

Requirements:  A quiet space separate from the main area of the event to allow for privacy for each reading that contains a small table and chairs.

Investment: $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum

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